An Informal Dallas GTG

While I may be unable to coordinate something on the scale of WatchWorld Dallas for the time being due to things going on in my life, I do want to do something.  So let’s call this a little return to our roots and a very informal GTG.  Let me know if you’re interested in being there so I can inform the venue if we’re going to have a large turnout.

WHEN: Saturday, March 26th at 3pm
WHERE: The Flying Saucer in Addison, TX

Bring your watches and have a few beers with fellow TX WUS.


WatchWorld Dallas is on Hiatus

Due to things going on in my life currently I’ve had to put a hold on WatchWorld Dallas in its current form.  I intend to organize smaller scale GTG’s but the event at Timeless Luxury Watches is on hiatus.

I do have some thought of turning this blog into a news and review blog so don’t delete your bookmark just yet.

Houston GTG on December 5th

The next Houston GTG will be on December 5th at the Spring Creek BBQ in Missouri City from 1:30-4:00pm.  Please head over to this thread to confirm if you’re attending:

Those who attended the last event know that Ariel put on a great GTG and it’s well worth whatever drive you have to be there.

There will be news of the next Dallas event soon.  The date is still not confirmed but I hope to have an answer on that in the coming week.  Stay tuned for more details when I have them.

Wrap Up Coming

My apologies for radio silence since WWD last weekend as it’s been a very hectic week since then for me.  I intend to get a re-cap up in the next few days and will hopefully have a date for the next one in March as well.  If you have pictures from WWD last weekend then please contact me as I’d love to get as many perspectives as possible.

Only 6 Days to Go!

Final countdown to WatchWorld Dallas.  We have 6 more days until we all get together to share our collections and passion for watches with each other.  Remember to keep confirming to me.  There are a lot of incredible prizes to give away in the raffle so make sure you’re there next Saturday!

Just Over 2 Weeks to Go!

With just over 2 weeks left until WatchWorld Dallas I’m still open to confirmations.  We’ve got plenty of room so let me know if you’ll be attending.  I’ve got 3 watches to give away as well as many straps and this isn’t including what Timeless Luxury Watches is going to be giving away but I’ll save that info for another update next week.

While we’re waiting to get together I’d like to remind everyone to show your support for 2 friends of WWD who currently have Kickstarter projects running.

First Stuckx (pronounced Stucks) has The Bull, an amazing bullhead piece with either a Seiko VK64 meca-quartz movement or the new Seiko NE-88 automatic chronograph.

Next Mark Carson and Richard Paige have the Crash of ’29.  This piece utilizes a fully restored vintage pocket watch movement incorporated into a brand new art deco styled case.

Show Your Support for Mark Carson and RPaige and Only 3 Weeks to Go!

Friends of WatchWorld Dallas, Mark Carson and Richard Paige, have launched a new Kickstarter project to fund their latest creation.  Using a fully restored and service vintage pocket watch movement coupled with a newly designed art deco style case and dial, the Crash of ’29 is a stunning work of art.  Please be sure to check out their project here.

Also!  We’ve only got 3 weeks to go until WatchWorld Dallas.  As of now we have a somewhat lower confirmed turnout than last time but I expect there are quite a few who are customers of Timeless Luxury Watches or just not sending confirmations.  Please try to get me a confirmation if you know you’ll be attending.

I have plenty of WUS pins to give away as well as a watch from G. Gerlach, 2 Grill Timer watches from Little Griddle and straps from Clover Straps, Strapped for Time and Martu Straps.  This is in addition to some amazing gifts from Isofrane by way of WUS Dive Watch moderator Ariel.  And this isn’t even including whatever amazing prizes that Dan has in store for us.

Trust me this will not be an event to miss!

Less Than 2 Months to Go and a Giveaway Emerges

We’re coming down to the wire.  Less than a month until WatchWorld Houston and less than 2 months until WatchWorld Dallas.  For WatchWorld Dallas I’ve been holding off on some announcements until we got closer but I think it’s time to pass along the excitement.  Outside of whatever watch (TBD) that Timeless Luxury Watches intends to giveaway I also have this amazing G. Gerlach ORP Orzel for a lucky attendee.


How do you win it?  Well you just have to be there.  Raffle tickets will be handed out for free so make sure you confirm in advance if you’re attending.  We need to get an idea of the number of people attending as that will also affect what Timeless Luxury Watches has to give away so the more people we have confirmed the better, potentially, the prizes!

You can use the contact me link here on the blog on PM me on WUS to confirm (SteamJ).

Also I received a care package today from the WUS with enough pins to hand out to the first 70 people to arrive so make sure to get there early.


Welcome Visitor Watch Co to WatchWorld Dallas

Another of the recent success stories on Kickstarter is Visitor Watch Co.  Combining a great design with all original parts and complex case geometry and finishing that you won’t see often in this price range, the Duneshore is an impressive first release from Phil Rodenbeck and his Visitor Watch Co.

Phil will be sending some samples of the Duneshore for attendees of WatchWorld Dallas to get a hands on with.  Please join me in welcoming and show your support by visiting the Visitor Watch Co website.